inner ramblings, poem


Like a calm ocean

On a sunny day

Like the vast seas


And some days

Gray clouds

And dark sky

Storms rage

While birds hide

Waves rise

As lightning strikes


And lies

In her eyes

And smiles.






A Silence Apart



No distance, nor depth

We are silence apart

A silence apart

No height, nor step

We are silence apart

A silence apart

It can’t be denied

Only silence remains

A silence apart…

…A wound in the heart.



inner ramblings

At The Moment

At the moment.

The phrase has been very catchy and widely used these days. The #atm has been a trend in social media posts. But what does it really mean to be ‘at the moment’?

At the moment, I’m composing this blog post, typing away my thoughts as I ponder and wonder. But am I really at the moment? Am I really at the moment when I choose to ponder and wonder instead of doing other useful things like doing the laundry? Or watching a movie? Or reading a book? Or sleeping? Does it even matter what I’m doing right now if I am not really at the moment?

There are a lot of things to do, think and feel at the moment, or in any moment of any day. But it is not always that these three things cooperate with each other. Sometimes, you’re doing one thing while thinking and feeling a million other things unrelated to what you’re doing at the moment. Other times, a feeling so strong consumes you and yet you have to be responsible and do what you do and so your thoughts are being pulled in different directions. To really be at the moment is something that all of us have a hard time achieving many times in our lives.

To be at the moment means there is unity in thoughts, actions and emotions. There is clear and undeniable intention. It is a product of choice and determination. The phrase has been loosely used by many but it is actually very meaningful and profound when you really think about it.

So am I at the moment? Yes, because I choose to be. I intend to focus my thoughts, emotions and abilities in writing about this. And no, because if I look at it in a different perspective, I’m trying to not dwell on something else that will keep me from being at the moment. Being at the moment is a matter of perspective too… I guess. (Haha!)

Are you at the moment?