inner ramblings, poem


Like a calm ocean

On a sunny day

Like the vast seas


And some days

Gray clouds

And dark sky

Storms rage

While birds hide

Waves rise

As lightning strikes


And lies

In her eyes

And smiles.





inner ramblings


“Stars, too, were time travelers. How many of those ancient points of light were the last echoes of suns now dead? How many had been born but their light not yet come this far? If all the suns but ours collapsed tonight, how many lifetimes would it take us to realize we were alone? I had always known the sky was full of mysteries—but not until now had I realized how full of them the earth was.”

― Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

How many lifetimes had it been?

How many lifetimes including this one I’m in?

It took me that long to realize that I am alone. 

inner ramblings

I Wonder

I wonder what he’s doing right now. I wonder if he’s happy. I wonder if he thinks of me even if not as much as I think of him. I wonder if he’s getting what he needs. I wonder if he ever gets lonely. And I wonder what he does if he gets lonely.

I wonder if he has somebody special. Someone he often talks with. Someone he often thinks of. Someone who inspires him. Someone who makes him smile everyday. Someone who gives meaning to his music. Someone who makes his heart ache. Someone he misses and desires. Someone he yearns for. Someone he longs for.

I wonder if we’re meant to be together. I wonder if he’s the one for me and I’m the one for him. I wonder if God will ever give us a chance. I wonder if love will grow between us. I wonder if God has any plan to bring us together. And if He does, I wonder if the right time will come soon. I wonder if I will love him forever. I wonder if he will love me forever.

I wonder…


inner ramblings

Where does the time go?

If you could turn back time, where would you go? What would you do? And would you do it?

Where did the time go? Particularly, the good ones. The carefree ones. Along with the people, time flew so fast. Before I knew it, I was left on my own. Alone. Hurting. Lost. Insecure. Misunderstood. Judged. Ignored.

Time. How precious. Every second of memory. Some treasured. Some forgotten.

Memory. How powerful. Every thought, every emotion it holds. When triggered or recalled, who knows the intensity of its impact in one’s being.

Time passes by. So do moments. Only memories remain. Until time runs out.

Time walks. Time runs. Time crawls. Time flies. But where does it go?

“Time, where do you go?”