inner ramblings, poem


I sit in front of my monitor
And stare
And stare
And stare
I poise with a pen to write in my notebook
And stare
And stare
And stare
I stand in front of an audience
And stare
And stare
And stare
I sit on the bus
And stare out the window
I lie in my bed
And stare at the ceiling
I sleep and dream
And stare at nothing
Couldn’t find any difference
Between a dream and reality
Staring at nothing
Thinking, unthinking
inner ramblings, poem

Because I miss you

My chest feels being crushed

Like wringing out a wet towel

My heart being fueled

So hot it burns, it hurts

Because I miss you

My head is spinning

Like a thread weaving

Of fancy imaginings

To fill the void

Because I miss you

My voice cracks

While my eyes water

As I feel my heart breaking

Gently and quietly

Because I miss you.


inner ramblings, poem


by Suzanne

Bravely and truly
With such flair- 
Lines and poesy,
I dare say that he,
The sun to my moon;
The song to my tune.
My heart's grief and sigh;
My soul's fire and lullaby.
The drop in the deep oceans
Rippling far and wide to shores,
Crashing upon rocks
Upon sand beaches and ice,
Waves and foams-
Like fire licking the cold air
Freezing and burning my nights.