inner ramblings, poem


I sit in front of my monitor
And stare
And stare
And stare
I poise with a pen to write in my notebook
And stare
And stare
And stare
I stand in front of an audience
And stare
And stare
And stare
I sit on the bus
And stare out the window
I lie in my bed
And stare at the ceiling
I sleep and dream
And stare at nothing
Couldn’t find any difference
Between a dream and reality
Staring at nothing
Thinking, unthinking
inner ramblings, poem

Because I miss you

My chest feels being crushed

Like wringing out a wet towel

My heart being fueled

So hot it burns, it hurts

Because I miss you

My head is spinning

Like a thread weaving

Of fancy imaginings

To fill the void

Because I miss you

My voice cracks

While my eyes water

As I feel my heart breaking

Gently and quietly

Because I miss you.


inner ramblings, poem

Funny How

Funny how you say “hello” when you really mean “goodbye”
Say “I’m sorry” when you really mean “It’s over and we’re done”
Say “I’m okay” when nothing in your life is fine
And fake a smile while you say those lines

Funny how you stay while everyone is leaving
You fight while everyone is giving up
You dream while everyone surrenders to routine
And feel so alone in your journey

Funny how they start seeking when you’re gone
They start pulling when you rise
They start asking when you’re quiet
And stay away when you breakdown

Funny how many find it so easy to lie
So easy to put on a mask and pretend
So easy to put on an act and deceive
And there you are suffering with the lies

Funny how truths are taken for granted
Rights and wrongs mixed up, vague and blurred
Real and fakes are barely recognizable
And all that matters are what others said

Funny how humans are mistaken for things
Materials are given more value
Money is given the front seat
And the ones who are breathing in the back seat

Funny how as time passes the more life loses its meaning
Life loses its purpose
Life, as what it should be, is lost
And before you know it, time’s up and you’re dying.

inner ramblings, poem


by Suzanne

Bravely and truly
With such flair- 
Lines and poesy,
I dare say that he,
The sun to my moon;
The song to my tune.
My heart's grief and sigh;
My soul's fire and lullaby.
The drop in the deep oceans
Rippling far and wide to shores,
Crashing upon rocks
Upon sand beaches and ice,
Waves and foams-
Like fire licking the cold air
Freezing and burning my nights.