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What are the Odds

Have you ever thought about the what ifs and what could’ve beens? From the smallest to huge details, from insignificant to important decisions, from seemingly random circumstances to remarkable ones, from a passing thought to a really active one, or just the simple action-reaction that we do as time passes by, what are the odds of being led to something you never expect? Something you never thought possible? Something that makes sense of all the mess? Something that could possibly give the answers to the ‘whys’ that you kept on asking from the very start?

What if I chose tea over coffee in that coffee shop five years ago?

What if I decided to pick that other book from the bookstore a year ago?

What if I didn’t buy that dress from the online shop few months ago?

What if I didn’t drink those shots three summers ago?

What if I went instead of stayed at home that one weekend?

What if I answered that anonymous call instead of ignoring it?

What if I stared back and not stare away?

What if I didn’t go to meet those people on that one occasion?

What if I chose to stay instead of leaving during that one deciding moment?

What if I left instead of staying longer to get hurt more?

What if I stopped and talked through it?

What if I said ‘no’ instead of ‘yes’?

What if I didn’t love him?

What if I chose to stay numb and unfeeling?

What if I didn’t hold on to God?

What if I still trusted despite everything?

What if I didn’t trust God?

What if I gave up?

What if I chose a different path?






What are the odds?






What are the odds of meeting you?