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Can You Hear

Can you hear a shattering glass,
How it sounds when it broke and crashed
When it kissed the hard ground?
Can you hear a falling tall tree,
How the trunk breaks and be torn free
When the earth pulls it down?
Can you hear a crumbling wall,
How it grumbles and slowly falls
When shaken and destroyed?
‘Yes’ is the answer to all three
But not all breaking things can be
Easily recognized and seen
Can you hear a breaking heart?
Can you hear a crushing soul?
Obviously, the answer is ‘No.’

Dear Young Lady: Regretting a Broken Heart

“When the time comes and when the right man comes, you can love and be loved the way God has always planned true love to be.”

I got inspired to write this when a friend of mine told me of how ladies in his school VG were sharing about how much they regretted their past relationships and how they wish they waited.

Dear Young Lady,

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to have loved at the wrong time; to have given too much than you should have; to have gone against what your conscience was telling you because something felt good, because someone made you feel wanted. I know what it’s like to have enjoyed it for the moment being, and later look back and see nothing but trainwreck and regret.

Did Prince Charming turn out to be the villain? Did the evil stepsisters triumph and have left the townspeople making rumors about you? Did you fall in love not with the prince, but with the princess? I don’t know, I don’t know your…

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