inner ramblings

An Excerpt from my Journal Entry (February 21, 2015 Saturday 7:32 AM)

LOVE. COMMITMENT. They really go hand-in-hand in any serious relationship. Love without commitment is just like a game. And nobody wants to be played, right? While commitment without love is no different from a business deal. Dry. Unfeeling. Fragile as a paper that can only last as long as the contract is valid.

Why am I thinking about these stuff anyway? Well, I’ve just realized yesterday during my contemplative moment that I’m not really afraid to love. In fact, I love to love. I love caring, loving, giving and sharing. What I’m really afraid of, I’ve come to realize, is to be loved in return by someone I truly love. Mainly because of the vulnerability it entails. Love strengthens and weakens. Love makes you powerful and defenseless at the same time. Love is a double-edged sword.

But last night, during the youth service, God cleared the confusing thoughts I’ve been having. He made me realize that like everything else, any relationship requires FAITH. All human relationships are vulnerable and has ending without God in it. Being in a relationship, particularly a romantic one, does not and will never give us any assurance that we will not get hurt or end up brokenhearted, perhaps for the first time for some, or all over again for someone like me. That’s why God should always be the top priority. It should always be God who completes and fills us. It should always be God whom we trust and rely on with all that we have and all that we are. We should not be overcome and driven by our selfish and worldly desires, but by the Spirit and the wisdom being poured upon us.


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