Forever is Not a Feeling

“Forever is not a feeling; it’s a choice, a choice we stand by with against the odds. And it only comes to those who choose to work for it.”

Ella Thinks Aloud

The way we put ‘forever’ in everything – movie titles, romance novels, friendship bracelets, greeting cards – makes us look like we know what forever is about. But no, we don’t. I don’t. Especially in terms of relationships.

We often suffix ‘forever’ when we feel like we’re on Cloud 9, that we got the best feeling in the world, that we could lay there feeling that way for the rest of our lives. Come on, how many times have we heard (or said) “I could feel like this forever”?

But that’s where we miss the point. Forever is not a feeling.

Image from Image from

Because if forever were a feeling, it wouldn’t be forever at all. Feelings change, whether we like it or not. Feelings are the result of our senses, of how we receive and respond to situations and events, much like the weather. That girl you were…

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