inner ramblings, poem

The Moon And I

The moon and I are one and alike;
Alone, cratered, uncertain at times,
Can’t shine on its own; don’t have the light.

In our own solitary orbit,
No one dares; so alone we exist.
Solely, our phases, we bear and meet.

Though in solitude we dwell too much,
We know we matter to life ’round us.
After all, unheld, we’re all stardusts.

In the light of the Sun, we depend
Our phases; at night, the light we send.
Above all, the Force that holds and tends.

We are one and alike and yet we
Have unique reasons why we exist,
The moon is to tide; I is to live.

The moon and I are one yet different,
Same essence, two unique existence,
Both created by one great wise Hand.

Created to glorify the One
Who holds the universe in His Hand
Who made everything, moon and I, one.


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