inner ramblings

Journal Entry (November 30, 2014 Sunday 11:28 AM)

It’s so easy to get lost in my own world. To escape the reality. To be anyone I want to be. A world of music, songs, lyrics, poems, art, beauty and love. These hopeless desires in my heart… I long for them.

However, I have to face the reality. I have to face the world. Live in it. Deal with it. In all its harshness and complexities. It’s not an easy life. It never is. It’s a constant struggle to preserve the beauty within despite the ugliness that surrounds me. I must not give in. Even if at times, I suffer by going against myself. For it’s the only way to really live a purposeful life. To go against human nature. To go against selfish wants and desires. To die to self. For in this way, I feel much more alive. Much nearer to the One who created me.

I believe, one day, I’ll get to live out my fantasies. To unleash the beauty I keep within. Share it to the world. Spread God’s essence. The essence of this life. Love. In Jesus’s name.


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