10 Mildly Weird Things Overthinkers Do When They Have A Crush On Someone

HAHAHA. I’m just gonna laugh. 🙂

“2. Looking at your eyes is a conscious effort. Whether I like your eyes or not, it’s hard for me to look. I guess, when it comes to liking someone, my initial reflex is to stay away and watch from the sidelines. That’s why having you so near and having to look at you straight on is difficult. But I know, I know. So as to not be obvious to you, I have to pretend that I could look at your eyes effortlessly just like I automatically look at the eyes of my other friends. But you’d know still. You just have to be really good at analyzing non-verbal communication to get this one. You should just notice how my body slightly relaxes when I look away.

9. I write about you. This one, you won’t ever find out about except if a) you discover the location of the thing that must not be discovered, b) my friends tell you, and c) I tell you. Writing is my thing. When I am filled with intense emotions, I write so naturally, if I really really like you, you’d be the protagonist of most of my stories and the “he” in most of my poems. If I really like you, as in so so so much, you probably have a folio dedicated to all the things I’ve written about you. And hey, you might even be the you that I’m thinking of as I write this post.

10. I won’t tell you. Like I said, I tend to watch from the sidelines and that means, I won’t confess my feelings. I could probably try to show them but if I really really really like you, I won’t say it straight up. For a lot of reasons.

That’s it, really. I think it’s too easy to tell. But then again, if it really was, then you wouldn’t have to read this to know that I like you, right?”

Thought Catalog

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time on my Tumblr dashboard, reading and reblogging posts. Majority of them include posts of links like “21 Signs You Have a Chance With Him” and “10 Signs It’s Love.” I read those for fun, mentally counting the number of items that apply to me but not really believing them. And then, as I was walking home today, I thought of making my own list. This time, instead of writing vague general descriptions, I’ll try to write realistic and specific ones.

Note: I don’t guarantee that these same signs would apply to anyone else.

1. I’d be nice to you, a little too nice, but you probably won’t notice because I’m making sure that I’m not too too nice to you. In my head, I’m calculating the amount of niceness I’d offer you because a) I don’t want to be obvious, b) I…

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