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Most of the time, change is something terrifying and stressful to us. There are things that we got used to for such a long time that losing them makes us feel lacking and uncomfortable. And sometimes, because we got so comfortable and used to it, depending on its nature, we fail to see what needs to be changed and even if we know it, we have no desire to change it. Or in some cases, it could also be that we were not yet fully aware that something needs to be changed and so we are not able to do anything about it at the moment. Either ways, during these times, at some point, whether we like it or not, aware or not, God intervenes.

God’s intervention comes in the most unexpected and mysterious ways. His timing is always perfect, too. He intervenes and provides us the necessary “push” that we need to awaken us in our current need-to-be-changed situations just when we need it the most. And when He does, it’s up to us on how we are going to take the changes and transformations that He’s going to do in our lives.

Right now, in my case, the “push” came from a chain of fated meetings and circumstances with a book at its end handed to me directly. Through the struggles happening deep within me, I’m learning to trust in Him and not resist the work He’s doing. Only God knows me this deep that He’s able to work through me like this. Only Him knows what’s best for me. I may feel like a stranger to myself right now and somehow lacking, but this too will come to pass. In God’s time, I’ll be restored. I believe, the more I seek Him, the more I’ll lose myself. And the more I’ll be found. As long as I live, I am His work in progress.

There in the desert they all complained to Moses and Aaron and said to them, “We wish that the Lord had killed us in Egypt. There we could at least sit down and eat meat and as much other food as we wanted. But you have brought us out into this desert to starve us all to death.”  – Exodus 16:2-3


9 thoughts on “Change”

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