I just badly need to let it out. It’s harsh. It would have been easier if I could cry…like I always do at times like these. But right now, it seems like the tears were buried so far deep within me. I’m in desperate need to let it go so…I just poured out those unshed tears in this poem.

What do I do?
I can’t help the feeling
This feeling of missing
So irrational
So illogical
Keeps bugging me
Keeps eating me
To the core of my being.

You know that feeling?
When you can’t stop thinking
Of that someone you’re admiring
And unknowingly

So what do I do?
How long will I last?
Been through this in the past
When he still seemed unreal
No basis for what I feel
But now things changed
He’s now for real
And I can’t help what I feel.

Oh, tell me what to do!
For I must keep hiding
These secret feelings
Oh, if only I could cry!
But tears won’t come
I don’t know why
Will this too shall pass?
The future is yet to come.


2 thoughts on “Helpless”

  1. It’s the hardest thing to go through as it encompasses everything you are. That dream on cyclic paths and revolving mornings that wake us up with the realisation of not having that person. Lovely poem

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