The Heartbreak Is Going To Be Worth It

I wanna go back to this article in the future to see if the heartbreak was really worth it.

Thought Catalog

If only you knew how good you have it now. All those helpless tears and all the hours you’ve spent pining, will be hours you’ll wish you could get back. So stop wasting anything. You’ll understand one day. Not only will you understand — you’ll be grateful. You’ll marvel at how fate could get you to where you are now. Sure, in the moment, you reason it’s the cruelest thing you’ll ever go through, but I am here to tell you that with time, you won’t even remember the cruel times as being anything more than worth it.

I remember all the times I went out with my friends, the uncanny dates I was set up on, and the milestones I achieved by persevering. Mostly, I remember a certain moment that made no past pain relevant or notable. This moment brought me so much bliss that I couldn’t physically waste…

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