Your Frozen Heart

How do I thaw a frozen heart?
Tell me my love
Your heart’s gone cold
Frozen like ice
Yet so fragile

How do I mend a broken heart?
Tell me my love
Scattered pieces
Of shattered heart
What can I do

Will my love be enough?
For I love you so much
Will my warmth be enough?
I’ll hold you in my arms
Even if I have to
I’ll hug you everyday
To thaw your frozen heart
To ease the pain away

You’ve been through a lot in the past
But those times are now gone
Don’t let the scars harden your heart
I know that it’s so hard
To open up and trust again
But that’s the only way
To heal the wounds and set you free
To mend and thaw your frozen heart

Let me love you
Let me hug you
Hold you in my arms so tight
Oh I’ll let you feel my warmth
No matter how long it takes
‘Til I thaw your frozen heart
And ease the pain away


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