I Hope You Will Love Me Despite My Flaws

So early in the morning and I’m reading this.
“And I will attempt to talk both of us out of loving each other. I will give you a list of reasons for why it would never work. Why I am not worth your time and why you should find someone who is prettier and won’t over think until it frustrates you enough that you scream. I will give you reasons why you should walk away and why I should too. But I hope you won’t. I hope you will sit me down and tell me that you don’t want anyone else and you refuse to let go.”

Thought Catalog

Sometimes I get sad for no reason. It just brushes over me like paint for a few hours or days and then it rinses off. Nothing you say or do can make me feel better. But I would like you to try. I would like you to hold me and tell me that everything is going to be okay. And when I don’t believe you, I hope you are patient enough to continue holding me without frustration and with the knowledge that I will come back to you as soon as it is all over.

I am not a cute type of quirky girl. My quirks are awkwardly ugly. My quirks are jokes that take me an extra five minutes to explain the punch line while breathlessly laughing to myself the whole time. My quirks are saying sorry too many times for things I shouldn’t be sorry about but keeping…

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