You’re The Reason Why

You’re The Reason Why

I no longer feel sad when it rains
I no longer remember the pains
The tears now turn into smiles
Been like this for a while now
You’re the reason why

I welcome every morning with joy
I welcome the goodness I enjoy
My days are now filled with light
Been like this for a while now
You’re the reason why

I can now smile
I can now laugh
In whatever storm this life may bring
I’ve overcome
The past is gone
Since Your love came down and filled my soul
And I shine like the stars in the sky
There could be no other reason why
Oh Father, it’s You

I can now hear what my soul’s saying
I sense the beauty in everything
My heart and soul can now see
Been like this for a while now
You’re the reason why

Oh, it’s You, only You
For Your love never fails
Your love is changing me
Forever and completely

Been like this for a while now
And for the rest of my life
I pray, oh Father
You’re the reason why

It’s You

It’s You

It all started with your smile
When you first smiled at me you took my breath away
And when I first heard your voice
As you said your first hello you made my heart sway
You’ve been in my mind since then
Consciously and unconsciously I think of you

And oh fate, we meet again
For the second, third time but it was the latter
When you really looked at me
And I at you, and got to know me, asked questions
Which I replied timidly
While deep inside I have never felt so happy

But lately, we’ve been apart
I know it was my fault for I’ve been an idiot
Can’t find my words around you
Those wasted chances, oh how much I regret them!
I shouldn’t have been so shy
It’s just my heart feels overwhelmed when I’m with you

I hope it’s not yet too late
For us to be at least good friends if it’s okay
And hopefully we can talk
‘Cause I have lots of questions to ask about you
I don’t know when will that be
And you don’t know what you have been doing to me

Oh yes, of course you don’t know
That you are the person that I’m talking about
Who owns the smile that got me
And the voice that sealed my lips from the very start
Oh boy, you’ve no idea
How much you inspire me and make me so happy

Unfamiliar Silhouette

Unfamiliar Silhouette

Your unfamiliar silhouette
Tickles the mind of this poet
Blocking the light with its blackness
Seen through the thin veil its strangeness
Who could you be, hiding, looking
Through the thin cloth you are watching
Every move, even my shadow
That you know when I’m in sorrow
I don’t know who or what you are
You seem near but far like a star
On a thin white veil like a scar
Covering the light behind you
Your silhouette can’t be passed through
Waiting for light to shine on you
Your unfamiliar silhouette
Be unveiled before this poet.

A Dance With The Trees

A Dance With The Trees

I dream about dancing trees
You and I beneath their canopies
Swept away by their branches
And swaying leaves as the breeze catches
Beneath the stars and moonlight
We dance with the trees as we hold tight

The birds’ songs are our music
Our heartbeats and laughters as lyrics
The night winds blow and carry
The sweet scent and petals of lily
The hoots of an owl watching
As we keep on our nonstop dancing

And as the night fades away
So is my dream, you and I can’t stay
Can’t keep dancing with the trees
Must let go beneath the canopies
With a kiss we bid goodbye
The dream ends as I open my eyes

Oh God

Oh God

Oh God
Your love overflows
You fill me inside
My heart’s overwhelmed
With Your love

Oh God
Your love is so much
You make me complete
My heart will explode
From Your love

Help me, oh God
Teach me, guide me
To share Your love
To spend Your love
To the helpless
To the hopeless
To the needy
Because oh God
Your love overflows

Oh God
I thank You so much
For Your constant love
So faithful and true
Just for me

Where Is Home

Where Is Home

Where is home?
I don’t know, do you?
Have lived in many places
Different houses, different lives
Where nothing have stayed the same
They’ve constantly changed

What is home?
I don’t know, do you?
Can a house be called a home
Even if you always feel alone?
Despite living with people
Only few you know

Some would say
Home is family
But what if it is broken?
That means home is also shattered then
Hearts left aching in the chests
Frozen and homeless

Where is home?
Tell me ’cause I’m lost
I’ve been living with my thoughts
Me and my profound soul for so long
Tell me, where do I belong?
I’m lost and alone.

My Love From The Star

My Love From The Star

So near yet so far
That is what you are
You’ve taken my heart
My love from the star

Where have you come from?
Where is your kingdom?
From which star you’ve come?
Can you tell me some?

How long will you stay?
Oh please, tell me, say!
If you go away
This love, come what may

Days and nights I’ll cry
And feel like I’ll die
To let go I’ll try
With a heavy sigh

I’ll stare at your star
From here, from afar
That is where you are
My love from the star