11 Relationships 20-Somethings Are Good At Being Involved In

Hahaha! Facebook, Twitter and Laptop. ❤

Thought Catalog


Relationships have been made complicated, for a million reasons. 20-somethings though, have butchered and tossed the traditional concepts of dating, and relationships. What we’ve done is “re-invent” the terms of what relationships are, or what they should be – while justifying one’s desire to simply not have one – as if it’s a crime to not want a relationship. And like anything re-invented by a 20-something or Generation-Y-er, in the process of it all – we’ve lost credibility in a lot of ways from select groups. Particularly, people who fall outside of those groups. Even worse is the fact that many 20-somethings have given up on dating, and relationships entirely. To many, it simply seems like relationships are failing.

But, I’m here to remind everyone that we’re not failing. In fact, we manage our relationships flawlessly – there’s just one problem. Our most stable relationships are not with people, but rather, they’re with…

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