inner ramblings

Flightless Butterfly


I saw this butterfly yesterday morning. It was lying on the fourth floor of our college building. Motionless. Seemingly lifeless. Flightless. When I saw it, I smiled simply because I found it beautiful. Then as I went near it and found out that it wasn’t moving, as if dead, I immediately felt sad. I was asking then, “Why is it not flying? What happened? Why is it lying on the ground?” Since then, it never left my mind. I had to leave it there lying on the floor and just hoped and prayed that it was still alive and would soon fly again. Nevertheless, it left me thoughtful and contemplative.

Later that day, a thought occurred to me. Perhaps it just got tired from flying. It flew higher than it should have and so it got very tired. It should have just flown among the plants below but it didn’t. Instead, it flew higher among the trees! By doing so, it lost it’s energy to fly eventually and landed on the fourth floor. I’m badly hoping that this was the case.

Aside from being bothered as to why and how it was lying on the floor and not flying, there was something else that makes it hard for me to get the butterfly out of my head. I feel like it was telling me something…essential. I’m not sure what it’s trying to tell me exactly. I can only guess or assume.

Somehow, I identify myself in this butterfly I saw. Sometimes, I get so tired and exhausted, physically and more often emotionally, that I just wanna stop moving. Maybe, I’ve been like this butterfly for quite so long now. I’ve been ‘flying’ in a wrong place making me burned out from time to time. Yes, I admit, it’s exactly how I feel about my course for a long time now. And if not for a book that I’ve started reading just yesterday morning, I might still be the same right now.

Finally, I realize that this butterfly symbolizes a part of me. Yes, I may not love my course as much as I love singing right now, but in time, I’ll learn to love it. The change is now starting in me. And I know, God will never stop changing me until I become the person He wants me to be. The day will certainly come when I will no longer experience being a flightless, motionless, exhausted butterfly.


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