This Road

Every hour is a day-away
Every tomorrow is a year-away
Every weekend is a decade-away
The future seems so far away
As I live day-by-day
In a monotonous way

Wondering how long I would last
On this long road full of dust
This unbearable fate I was cast
Hoping that this too shall pass
Until then be strong I must
And be patient and steadfast

So while I walk down this road
Encounter things I was never told
Some I’ll lose, some I’ll hold
Others that will make me whole
While some will break my soul
And I’ll be lying on the soil

For a while I will cry
Stay down and dare not to try
Asking and looking for reasons why
Head bent low and heart’s about to die
But as I look up to the sky
I’ll be okay and I’ll stand up high

The sky so high that I love so much
To stare at and smile at like my crush
Giving me hope, peace and things as such
As I walk down this road so rough to touch
To the future far ahead and hard to catch
I’ll be fine for He loves me so much


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