The 15 Prettiest Things Girls Do

Will there ever be someone else to whom I can do these pretty things? If not in this lifetime, then maybe in the next one.

Thought Catalog

1. Smile in the middle of a kiss, and then pull back and look at you and laugh a little. You don’t really know why they’re laughing, and for all you know, it’s at you, but hey whatever because they look gorgeous while doing it.

2. Keep their living space in a slight state of disarray. I think the things people surround themselves with say a lot about them, and there’s nothing more beautiful than getting to peek at what a girl keeps on her dresser, or whatever other little sentimental things she likes to keep around her.

3. Call you late at night not because they’re crying or upset or need someone, but just because they want to say hi, and see how your day went.

4. When asked a question, they stop and furrow their foreheads and genuinely think about the answer– not because they’re confused, not because…

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