What I Feel

If I express through music what I feel
The result will sound like a jumbled mess
Of notes and tones and pitch randomly hit
One that can’t be possibly understood
By just anyone except for a fool
Who listens with his heart not with his mind
A body with a sincere soul inside.

If I compose a song for what I feel
Words and music just might not be enough
To belt out everything I feel inside
The emotions I’ve been trying to hide
For so long I’m keeping them all alone
So many times I feel like I’ll explode
But eottoke? No one will understand.

If I paint a canvass for what I feel
It will be filled with strokes of dark colors
Of random hues and tones heavily brushed
Desperately and frustratingly
Make the poor innocent canvass suffer
From showing the emotions unspoken
A master piece by an ultimate fool.

If I try to make sense of what I feel
It will be like this poem I am writing
Vainly looking for ways to be relieved
Of these jumbled emotions I’m feeling
Trying to comprehend and understand
This messy emotional state I’m in
Why I’m feeling like this? What do I feel?


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