Sadness Follows Me

For every happiness, sadness follows.

This exactly describes my life.

Yesterday, I was very happy.

Today, I am very sad.

She called me this morning, asking me to fix her problem.

I tried but then, it’s just so sad.

Why can’t she fix the problems she brought upon herself?

Everytime I talk to her I’m torturing myself

Of the past that keeps haunting me.

But then, she’s my mother.

And right now, she’s got no other.

And so compassion won

I tried to help her

I cried for her

As I prayed for her

It just hurts so much

To keep everything inside.

My yesterday’s happiness now ruined

By the sadness that followed.

It’s always like this.

It seems like my happiness must be limited.

For with every happiness I feel

Sadness follows me.


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