Up Above


Up above

Eagles fly

Clouds pass by

Sun shines bright

Stars twinkle at night

Rainbow bridges earth and sky


Up above

That’s where I wanna be

I wanna soar high with the eagles

Ride on the fluffy clouds

Get close to the burning sun

Shine like the stars in the sky

Walk along the rainbow bridge

See what’s on the other end


Up above

He is there

Who made the eagles fly

Clouds float in the sky

Sun rise and set everyday

Stars twinkling bright in the night

And rainbows high up in the sky

Giving hope to dreamers who fight


Up above

He’s watching over me

How I live everyday

Make mistakes along the way

Win and lose in battles

Crawl my way out of struggles

Be happy

Be silly

Get left behind

By people who matters

Heart powdered like sand

But it doesn’t matter

He’s my very own heartsmith

The one who mends

Who never left

Who blessed me with gifts

Who showers me with love

From up above.


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