I Remember My Mother

I remember my mother

The way she took care of me

How she disciplined me

The love she gave me

How she supported me

Everything she did for me

And how it all ended

Because of an intruder

Who came into our lives

Broke our family into fives

Made my mother lie

Her morals die


Ties ended

Souls shaken

Hearts broken

Trust beaten

Leaving her all alone

As I grieve for her

Hoping, praying she’ll find

Her lost morals

Lost faith and mind

The way back to His arms

By leaving her faults behind



And willingly.


I remember my mother

For she caused me these scars

The victim of her falls

I suffered them all

Leaving me drained

Cold and broken

Alone and undeserving

Of love and good things.


I remember my mother

‘Cause even if I’ve forgiven her

Trust can’t be recovered

The scars won’t go away

They still don’t want her anyway

While she still goes astray 

And won’t give up her ways.









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