Your Smile

You make me happy,
You make me smile.
You make me silly,
You make me high.
I’ve got a secret
But I won’t let you in it.
‘Cause I feel so ashamed,
This heart of mine is to be blamed.
The very first time we met,
You didn’t know me yet,
When you first said ‘hello’,
Wearing the handsomest smile I know.
My heart got caught in my throat,
To speak I cannot,
To breathe I forgot,
My brain was knocked out.
What’s with your smile
That makes my head a-jumble,
Words tumble,
And heart beats like a jungle?
Nevertheless, I thank God everyday
For blessing me with your smile,
Now tattoed in my mind for a while,
Making me happy,
Making me smile,
Making me silly,
And making me high
Each passing day.


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