What Ifs

What if…
I wasn’t born a girl but a boy
Then perhaps I wasn’t the one who got toyed

What if…
I am not small but tall
Then maybe I get to be a queen at least once in a ball

What if…
I was born a princess and not a commoner
I could be living in a palace with a handsome prince as my lover

What if…
Nobody in our family went astray
We could have been whole and happy each passing day

What if…
My first love wasn’t that bad and regretful
I wouldn’t have been scarred and left fearful

What if…
I lost my faith and morals amidst the chaos
Then I would have been lost
And stayed down and miserable
Lying on the ground and unable
To forgive myself and the people
Who left me empty and full of grief
And with a great big WHAT IF.


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